Finding Witnesses for your Document Signing

Can the Notary serve as one of the Witnesses to your document? No – not in Oregon.
I am there to verify the identity of you and any witnesses needed – so I cannot also serve as a Witness. If your document calls for 1, 2 or 3 Witnesses, please find individuals with valid IDs who can be there to watch you sign, and then sign the document themselves.

If you are signing your Will these individuals cannot be related, nor can they receive anything when the Will goes into effect.
If the document is a Financial Power of Attorney, hospitals will not let any of their employees serve as witnesses due to conflict of interest.

Depending on the requirements for the document being signed:

  • Witnesses may need to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Close relatives might be prohibited from being a witness.
  • More than one witness may be needed – check the certificate to see what it calls for.

**Keep in mind that most facilities will not let employees serve in this capacity as it could be a conflict of interest and also takes them away from their regular duties – so don’t plan on using your nurse as one of the Witnesses when it comes time to do the notarization. Have your Witnesses (and their IDs!) there and ready to sign at the appointment.

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