Sorry, no can do!

There are attorneys who are also notaries. I am not. National Notary Association puts out information to help notaries and their clients understand what a notary can/can’t do at a notarization. “It is illegal for Notaries who are not attorneys to help other persons prepare documents … do not ask the Notary to explain words or phrases in the document … [they] are actually prohibited by state law from doing so.”

Here is the most concise paragraph I have seen for what a Notary’s job is at your signing: “A Notary is authorized to identify the document’s signer, give you an oath (if required), make a journal record …, and ascertain your willingness and awareness to sign…”

I would love to be your mobile notary in the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon area, but when I come to the signing, please don’t ask me to help with your documents!

[This information is from the “Sorry, no can do!” book provided by the NNA]

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